Grown-up self-awareness–Lifescape

Thinking this morning about our up-coming gathering–“Pluggin’ In”–for FCC newcomers. The idea is to tell them about opportunities where they can plug into the church. The graphic is an electric outlet on the church building. I am realizing that we have published the wrong image.   Unconsciously, people will reject that suggestion. Their lives are already so full they don’t need to get involved in church activity which is not part of their “real” life-scape. Rather than telling them what we offer and how to plug into our offerings, I want to listen to them. “Tell us what you need? Want? No, desperately need to manage your life–provide the means to become more like Jesus? Construct family, career, teach your kids how to manage money, time, choices.” We are not trying to make people religious or give them a job at the church house, we are called to share what the Word teaches about life. My assumption is not too realistic. Doubtful that people will be that open about what is going on in their private lives.  (We Westerners cherish and guard our privacy–including what is killing us or depleting us.)
     Now! Let’s talk about self-awareness. Do you think people are self-aware enough to answer my questions?
   I will have to hone my questions a bit. Self-awareness is larger than just for kids.
   What do you need today–given your real life. What do you want?  Michelle dreamed that we all ran away to Italy. Let’s do it.  What kind of life would you want if you could start where you are today and could build a new life?
   Self-awareness–who would you take to Italy? What kind of neighborhood? What would enrich you? After we get there and weary of sitting all day in the outdoor cafes, what would you want to do with your new, un-encumbered life? What would you want that would enable you to be your best doing what you really enjoy to enrich your world.

Lifescaping–what tools do we need?

Make it a great day  


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