Would You Date a Cyborg?

Waiting for Andy Stanley’s message, we stumbled upon comments and conversation about AI by Elon Musk. He convinced me! The future is here in December 2022. Three videos that present this:

You do not have to be high on conspiratorial smoke to see the potential of bad outcomes but based on man’s history how inevitable bad outcomes are. Immediately I wondered how post-humans (having AI linked to their cortex and perhaps their limbic system) will react to the message of salvation, The Savior, and the Cross and Resurrection. The Gospel and Kingdom?

Musk says humans are already cyborgs (combo of human and digital parts). Our phones and computers have become extensions of the self.

A person has a soul by having, Mind, Emotions, Will. Listening to Musk, those three elements will be in an AI creature or the ability to synthesize them. However, AI creatures will not have a spirit as humans do. Will such a robot need redemption? If it is built by man—man/human, then a sin nature would inevitably be passed from creator to created.  

Given this new story of Genesis—creation, I wondered if any preachers in my known world would be preaching this Lord’s Day about AI as a competing life or parallel life? How much of a threat is AI to us? Christ Message?

Pastor Stanley didn’t preach about Artificial Intelligence. He told the Christmas story beginning with God’s promise to Abram (Genesis 12:1-3). “To Bless the World.”


How do we present the Gospel to cyborgs? Cyborgs who eat lunch at the next table with their phone lying next to the fries at Arby’s and those who look like robots living among us in 5-10 years?

Our Lord’s Day was saturated with these questions, fears and concerns. Not many answers. When it was my turn to control the remote, I opened to a YouTube site which I can’t find again. The host of the podcast is Lex Friedman. His podcast guest was a former CIA agent, who is married to a former undercover agent.

He talked about the Ukraine-Russian war that helps me understand what it is about and where it is headed. Most of the conversation was enlightening and captivating. After talk about personality, the host asked the question, “What was most surprising to you about human nature?”

“How intensely humans want to be with other humans.”

If humans are taken out of the equation, does the Gospel of Jesus make any sense? It seems to me that isolation from other people=humans during the pandemic is the one factor that was destructive to education, mental health, the world-wide economy, and personal happiness.

I don’t know what to say. I’m caught between, “Live long and prosper,” and “Nanu, Nanu.”

Would you date a cyborg? Would you welcome an AI creature as a house guest or for lunch? Elon Musk says the possibilities are good and bad. There are already medicinal and health benefits from digital implants. Is this digital link a threat? As a Jesus Follower, how do we prepare for the next human era? Can we live compatibly in alternative worlds? Someone will decide. Who do we ask?

©2022 D. Dean Benton


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